24 Polyurethane White Plastic Golf Balls

  • تخفيض السعر
  • $30.78

24 PACK: Value Bulk Pack of 24 white plastic practice golf ballsHIGH-QUALITY: Made from durable polyurethane to protect from splits and cracksINDOOR & OUTDOOR: Great for backyards, indoor simulators, and golf range practiceACCURACY: Designed with symmetrical holes, ensuring the true spin and accurate distance of regular size golf ballsVISIBILITY: Solid, white color of practice balls make them easy to spot in any terrain

Take a Practice Swing

Practice makes perfect! Now you can perfect your swing on or off the course with these practice golf balls. Each value pack comes with 24 standard size plastic golf balls. Made from durable polyurethane, they can withstand each swing of a club. These practice balls are made with symmetrical holes to simulate the true spin and accurate distance that is customary of regular size golf balls. Whether at the driving range or practicing with an indoor simulator, you'll find these practice balls are up to par. Become more consistent with your swing and really drive your game home!

Why you'll love it:

Unlike other practice balls, you'll get sturdy plastic and symmetrical holes, making them solid substitutes for regular size golf balls. Don't worry about cracks or splits, you can use free range of motion to really let them fly! With more freedom to practice anytime and anywhere, these practice balls will assist in improving your golf game in no time.