ZYMOTIC World Card Planet Earth ™


ZYMOTIC World Card Planet Earth ™

Kindly note the Date change Launch to the Public, 19 June 2020.


Your ZYMOTIC World Card Planet Earth ™ secure your product purchases via www.zymotic.net to serve you with a %20 money benefit that pays out once you reach $40,000.00USD.

10% money donation to your choice of anyone of the Verified International Projects

10% to you a Gift to thank you for being part in helping in money for each these heartbeat Projects helping Humanity, Nature and the Animal Kingdom, looking after Planet Earth.


Subscription, $1200.00USD

You renew your subscription once you have received your $4000.00USD Gift. Whether it is within Years, Months, Weeks Days or mere Minute, Seconds.

There be no limit to your Gift, earnings in a Month nor an Annual Year.

 Kindly know that without the ZYMOTIC World Card Planet Earth ™ there is no 10% Gift, earning.
ZYMOTIC World Card Planet Earth ™ and ZYMOTIC World © is dedicated to donating 10% of each product purchase earning to the
ZYMOTIC World © Verified International Projects.
Official Gmail Email Address: zymoticworldcard@gmail.com
Verified ZYMOTIC World Card ™ Planet Earth Mail Box

With commitment to exceptional products and services, ;)

Yours Truly, ZYMOTIC


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