Zymotic Republic ` SPRING FLY ` Coconut Water Electrolyte

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The Zymotic SPRING FLY Coconut Water Electrolyte grants you an entry by purchase.

Zymotic Republic`Coconut Water Electrolyte, 100% tastes of Island life!

  • MOQ: 1,440 Cartons
  • Receive 33,600 Cans` Coconut Water Electrolyte @ 520ml
The Announcement to the SPRING FLY `The Fortunate One` Date, 10 January 2020, Annually.
*You receive VIPP Guest tickets to one of the E.P.I.C.TalkShow Network Team International Universal Production Series Celebration Shows known as the Christina J . HEROICIS Shows ™ for both yourself and your partner.

​*Also a Day cruise and Night at Sea with a full three course meal and breakfast on Day two prior to a flight by helicopter in your Country of Residence.

Important: your trip to be confirmed upon your receipt acknowledgement and confirmed by yourself to your available Calendar Date.

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