HERCULUS & XENEA Coconut Energy Drink

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HERCULUS & XENEA Coconut Energy Drink
Your boost infused with the secret flavor in the new Coconut Energy Drink by HERCULUS & XENEA


CASES: 3000 Trays

CANS: 72,000

DELIVERY: 2 Months after Order Placement
* All cans are individually Bar Coded.
* Delivered to all 7 Continents and Islands in between.
* Kindly select your Order Quantity and proceed to the Check-out screen. 
* All Payments are secured via PayPal and Crypto Currencies.
YOUR PORT TO PORT SHIPPING COSTS COVERED~our thank you to you for your support in our HERCULUS & XENEA Product Range.

Our reason:

  • Food and water delivery to people across the World!
  • Support Women and Children on their way to healing and recovery.
  • Raise awareness across the World to 'BE the change you wish to see in this~the World!'
Proud Sponsor to the E.P.I.C.TalkShow Production Series and the International Universal HEROICIS Shows across the World, Planet Earth! 
The funds we raise support further Projects across the World known to be the UNHCR, UNICEF, SOS Children's Villages, Water.org and The Global Goals
Thank you kindly for being part in helping people across the World!

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