Handmade Wire Wrapped Moonstone Pendant Necklace

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Moonstone necklace, silver moonstone choker necklace, wire wrapped moonstone pendant, moonstone jewelry, silver moonstone necklace. 

Handmade jewelry gift ideas for boho style festival fashion lovers. Designer made fashion jewelry with a hippie fashion style. Artisan handcrafted indie jewels. One of a kind bohemian jewellery. 

  • Handmade by artisan. 
  • Unique and elegant design. 
  • Wire wrapped. 
  • Jewelry style: Boho. 
  • Material: Silver plating, Moonstone or Opalite.
  • Boho chic choker necklace. 
We love the way this moonstone pendant necklace hangs so gracefully! This wire wrapped moonstone necklace has silver plated wire-wrapping around one round moonstone. For this wire necklace we've used silver plated wire. It is covered with a special lacquer for metals to help keep it bright for a long time.